Canadian History for kids, Canadian Geography for kids

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  • Kids are naturally curious about geography and the world they live in.
  • Kids want to understand the science behind the natural systems they see.
  • Kids do not want to be told history, they want to be immersed in history.

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Feedback & Reviews

"You literally are opening the way for young ones to love history and geography...not just tolerate it or memorize it for tests. Thank you!

- Grandbay Westfield, New Brunswick

FIVE STARS! I think it's awesome and I"m so excited to have Canadian geography/history curriculum in our home school! Thank you!

- Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

FIVE STARS! My kids and I are enjoying this kit very much. It is well written with fun experiments and hands on learning that my kids love. Thank you! 

- Fort St. John, BC

Beautiful curriculum for teaching Canadian history & geography! 

- Hartland, New Brunswick