Canadian History for kids, Canadian Geography for kids

Canadian History for kids

The Great Canadian History Adventure

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Build your own Smashbook as the history of our country unfolds in your hands! 

● Each month you will receive pages with text and art that illustrates the history of one province.  This series covers Canadian history up to confederation.

● Each province will include personal research topics, critical thinking tasks, and illustrated embellishments to be included in your album.

● Use these elements to create your own Smashbook. You can include as much or as  little detail as you like. There is no right or wrong way to do it!  The most important thing is to enjoy the process and learn something valuable.

The strategy behind this program:

Your child will be able to regulate the depth of their learning through this unique program and put their own personal touch on Canadian history. Your child will receive one province per month, starting from the east and working westward (Nunavut & Northwest Territories combined).

We want to enable children to develop a deeper understanding of historical events and processes through active engagement with historical texts. 

The Great Canadian Adventure wants each child to learn Canadian history in a new, unique way through building their capacity for historical thinking by developing six interrelated thinking concepts:

  • Presenting our children with events that reveal historical significance,
  • Allowing them to search out primary source evidence,
  • Leading them to identify continuity and change, 
  • Allowing them to analyze cause and consequence, 
  • Challenging them to take historical perspectives, and 
  • Developing the ethical dimension of their historical interpretations. 

The topics covered in The Great Canadian History Adventure includes:



  • The Beothuk
  • The Innu
  • Norse Explorers
  • All my relations
  • Hunter’s Prayer
  • First interest   - Commercial Fishing
  • Displacement & Survival 
  • The relevance of France & England to Canada’s colonization. 
  • The Treaty of Utrecht
  • Irish Immigration

Nova Scotia: 

  • The Mi’kmaq
  • Living by the seasons
  • French Acadia
  • Colonisation: British/French Conflicts 
  • Allies & Enemies: British vs Mi’kmaq & The French 
  • The Acadian Expulsion 
  • The Fall of Louisbourg 
  • The Seven Years' War
  • The Treaty of Paris 
  • Confederation 


New Brunswick: 

  • The Acadians
  • The Wolastoqiyik 
  • The Medicine Wheel
  • Lumber industry   
  • Shipbuilding in the Maritimes
  • Shipping Economics
  • Pirates &   Privateers
  • Introducing the American Revolution 
  • The Loyalists


Prince Edward Island:

  • Scottish   Heritage
  • Immigration 
  • Mi’kmaq Creation Stories
  • British settlement of PEI
  • The Treaty of Utrecht
  • The Great Expulsion 
  • The Highland Clearances
  • Security of Tenure
  • Fox Farming
  • Confederation Bridge
  • Understanding the Union Jack 



  • Jacques Cartier Explorations
  • European  Diseases 
  • Conflict between French Catholics and Protestant British. 
  • The Royal Proclamation 
  • The American Revolution 
  • Upper & Lower Canada Rebellions
  • Fur Trade Economics
  • Fur Trad  Politics 
  • Fur Trade Logistics 
  • The Cost of the   Fur Trade



  • The Underground Railroad
  • Residential Schools
  • The Ojibwa People 
  • The War of 1812
  • The Black Corps



  • European exploration
  • Rupert’s Land
  • Coureur de Bois
  • Fur Trade Canoes
  • Portage
  • The Red River Settlement
  • Agricultural Expansion 
  • The Red River Rebellion 


  • The Tipi
  • Life on the Great Plains
  • Fur Trade on the Prairies
  • The North West Mounted Police
  • Sitting Bull and the Battle of Little Big Horn
  • The Doctrine of Discovery
  • The Numbered Treaties
  • First Nation Farmers
  • The Northwest Rebellion
  • Cree Chief Poundmaker


  • Mustangs
  • Plains Horse Culture
  • Open Range Ranching
  • Rodeo
  • Devastation of the Bison Herds
  • People of the Great Plains
  • The Whiskey Trade
  • Discovering Coal
  • The Wild West


  • People of the Northwest Coast 
  • Vikings of the North Pacific
  • Totem Poles & Potlatch
  • Fur Traders from Russia
  • Gold Rush
  • The Fraser Canyon War
  • The Canadian Pacific Railway
  • Chinese Immigration


  • Prehistory of North America
  • The Last Ice Age
  • Expansion Across Canada
  • The Gwich’in People