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Canadian Kindergarten Curriculum 

Tiny Traveler

Ad dico atomorum democritum usu. Id dolore laudem contentiones eam. Eum ad putant epicuri, ea vocent laoreet pro.

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A kindergarten journey through Canada:

Designed to capture the interest of young children ages 5 to 6, the Tiny Traveler series aims to introduce young children to Canada's provinces and people using number sense, science, literacy, and writing skills.

Program timeline:

  • 12 months

What it includes:

  • 12 activity filled books.
  • One or two sticker sheets
  • A laminated paper character for each product to dress.
  • First (Newfoundland & Labrador) set includes Crayola markers.
  • Two select provinces include hard to find supplies.

Learning outcomes included in this series:
Alphabet letter recognition and writing practice, number recognition, subitizing, counting 1-20, simple addition and subtraction, sorting objects, comparing objects, counting forwards and backwards, more or less, estimating, repeating patterns, balance and equality, ordering objects, creating colour, seasonal changes, building 3D models, senses needs of plants and animals, direction, location and distance, measuring, landforms, land and water, map symbols, weather, community, economic activity, natural resources, how the environment impacts humans, how humans impact the environment, change over time, littering and recycling, fine motor skills, and much more!